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China wild animals rights protection MTV by natureway


A music video for animal right protection in China. We are seeking help and funding to support our ongoing activities to push the legislation process of animal right protection law in China. The copyright of the photos and music within this video is fully authorized. Please feel free to contact us if you have any advice or like to sponsor our project. We need your help! Thanks!

Snoring Alien Dog (Stupid Dog Trick #77)


Musical Chairs for Dogs Jimmyjumpnjive on Youtube The Dog Party Blog My LOLs on Cheezburger LIKE ME ON Facebook My disc dog club WOOFD2 Disc Dog Playlist Dumb Dog Tricks Playlist Stop Motion Animation Dogs Playlist Jimmyjumpnjive is devoted to peace, love and puppies. An old furry, an ent, an aged hippy freak with nothing but a song of love in his heart. Play and have fun. Party with friends. Fun...

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