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✂ How To Recycled Old Sweaters Into Winter Dog Sweater ♡

Turn an old flare (or flame) into new romance with DIY Pet Projects. This video shows you how to make a sweater for your dog by recycled your old wool, or fleece sweater. It’s easy, quick and chic, with just a little twist, you will be able to transform an old sweater coat into a cute dog sweater before the winter. We all have some good quality clothing that were no longer fitted, shrinked...

Dog with torn ACL Tear (CCL)


SEE FURTHER DOWN WHAT I RECOMMEND FOR CONSERVATIVE THERAPY. Yes I know Shadow has long toe nails – his grown incredibly fast. Email me with any questions at ***I highly recommend these Red and Infrared Light Therapy Pads: The medium pad is very versatile and light therapy is so powerful. I cant recommend this harness enough – it...

Sergeant Stubby ~ World War I Hero Dog.wmv


When we see thousands of pit bulls dying in shelters, being banned from cities and from neighborhoods, even Paw Parks in most cities, it’s hard to believe that the American Staffordshire Terrier was “America’s dog”. They were once called the Nanny dog for the care they showed to children in their homes. Stubby was the first War Hero dog yet his breed has been treated...

dont hit your dog


I have been talking to lots of people about hitting their dog. only a few people seem to know that hitting your dog in the head is bad for their brain. if you are careful you should never have to hit your dog. your voice and attention should be enough. in extreme cases; like they try to chase a car (or deer in my case, I let the deer run past me and spanked my dog as he tried to run after it)...

Sarath Champati: Eye to eye with wild animals


Sarath Champati, a naturalist and pioneer of ecotourism, is the Founder and President of the Kabini Foundation, an NGO bringing the local community together on wildlife conservation issues.
[Note: We want you to see these talks exactly as they happened! The archive footage might be a little rougher than the usual talk.]

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