Natural Remedies For Dogs That You Should Stock Up On


While going to the vet is the best option when you suspect that your dog has a health problem, minor ailments can easily be treated at home. Using natural remedies such as herbs can make a whole lot of difference to any health issue compared to over the counter drugs. You can be sure that they are free of ingredients that can be harmful to your pet in the long run, plus they’re generally less expensive (or free!).

Here are some natural remedies for dogs that you should have ready at home:

Aloe Vera

For us humans, the aloe vera plant is best known for the wonders it does to our hair in skin. Did you know that the plant is beneficial to canine skin as well? According to the American Animal Association, aloe vera is proven to soothe the skin when a dog has an allergic reaction or hot spots. However, experts advise careful supervision when using aloe vera on pets as it can cause diarrhea when ingested. Use the gel part of the plant only and use a bandage to seal it so that your dog doesn’t lick it off.

Calendula Oil

Calendula oil has many benefits. For dogs, they are known to help heal abrasions, insect bites, minor cuts, poison ivy, eczema and many more because of its powerful antimicrobial and wound-healing properties. According to, this healing oil can also be used for treatment for a canine’s digestive and urinary tract inflammation as well as bruises and sprains. There is calendula oil especially formulated for our furry friends that can be found online or in specialty stores.

St. John’s Wort

Also referred to as Hypericum, this powerful herb is effective in fighting anxiety, depression and psychological stress in pets (which could be useful when there is a thunderstorm or fireworks). St. John’s Wort, according to VCA Animal Hospitals, is also a great remedy for pain in both cats and dogs because the herb works to relieve pain in a way similar to opiates. On top of this, St. John’s Wort essential oil can also be a natural remedy for minor skin irritations, muscle aches and muscle contusions in dogs.

Fight your pet’s minor ailments with these all-natural ingredients! Although these natural remedies for dogs have proven to be effective in healing plenty of health problems in pets, it is still best to consult your vet before using any.

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