Is Your Dog Showing Signs of Stress? 6 Simple Techniques to De-Stress Your Pooch


When it comes to our four legged friends, the impact of stress has long been underestimated. Stress in humans can lead to health problems, affect our relationships with others and can make us unbalanced, irritable and aggressive towards our surroundings. So, why wouldn’t we think our dogs are stressed out too? Here are a few Stress symptoms of Dogs. Restlessness Hyperactivity Very frequent...

Dog Behavior Training – The Matchstick Trick


The matchstick trick is a weird dog behavior training technique. Every time I suggest it to a client I typically hear, “You want me to do what?” It works, though. Let me preface the trick first, however, with the reasons why you would want to do this trick. The matchstick trick is a method for getting your dog to go to the bathroom right now. There are several reasons why you would...

What To Do If Your Dog Or Cat Has A Fever


If your dog or cat has a fever, you are probably very concerned, and have a number of questions. In this article I’ll reveal to you the most common causes of fever in cats and dogs, plus the signs to be aware of. Then I’ll go into the top 5 remedies that you can immediately use to help your pet’s fever, and bring the temperature down fast. Fever is defined as a higher than...

My Dog Is Constipated – What Should I Do?


Just like their owners, just about all dogs will periodically suffer from constipation; some more than others. In most cases, simple precautions and home remedies work enough to help them. However, if the problem gets out of control, it could become serious, expensive and possibly fatal. Owners of dogs on medications, inactive, older and senior dogs should pay extra attention when their dog goes...

wild animals in desert, quickly realize they’re abandoned puppies


Brothers on road trip spot “wild animals” in desert, quickly realize they’re abandoned puppies When Briggs LocHaven and his brother Chris Vanness were on a road trip driving from Arizona to Colorado, they figured it would be just them and the open road. Welcome to channel “Life Stories Update” This channel presents the story of an interesting story in their daily lives. Stay tuned...

Wildlife Live: Best Attacks Of Wild Animals 2017 – Craziest Wild Animal Fights Caught On Camera


Best Attacks Of Wild Animals 2017 – Craziest Wild Animal Fights Caught On Camera Please For More Wild Animals Video: ********************************************************************* Wild animals attacks wild animals fight wild animals documentary wild animals and the wild places where they live wild animals wild animals list wild animals play an important part in the balance of nature...

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